An Experiment and a Break

Hi lovelies, Hope you’ve had a lovely week so far. I didn’t have the time last weekend to write a blog post, as my amazing sister and brother-in-law came round and helped us with our garden. What was once an overgrown mesh of dead stuff & weeds is now a lovely place for barbecues and […]

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Hi lovelies, I’m about to go on a strange rant. I’ll admit to you right now that I am extremely passionate about this subject — I’m obsessed. And everyone I have mentioned this to has given me a slightly strange look, followed by an “…okay?”. You’ve seen the title by now. Yes, I’m going to […]

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Disneyland Paris 2018!

Hello lovelies, So last weekend, my boyfriend and I went on an amazing trip to Disneyland Paris. Like everyone says, it was magical. Luke has never actually been to Disneyland Paris before, and when I had fortunately been with some family and on school trips, we only went on the rides and saw a couple […]

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