Moving House – Goodbye Harland Road.

Hi lovelies,

Today is marked as both a sad and joyful day. As you can probably tell by the title, we’re moving houses. I’ve written this post a couple of days in advance, as on Saturday I’ll be extremely sweaty, stressed and ready for beer’o’clock from 9am.

Today is sad because we’re finally saying goodbye to our house on Harland Road (nicknamed Harland Shake because of the ridiculously overplayed song Harlem Shake back in 2013). So throughout this post I’m going to post photos of some of my favourite memories in Harland Shake.

We only lived at Harland Road for two years. Two years? How could I be so emotional about a move if I’ve not even lived there very long?! We’re getting to that right now, Janet, chill.

It’s sad because it’s an end of an era for me. I’m no longer a student. There, I said it. No more student discounts, no more lie ins on random week days when I couldn’t be bothered to go into University. No more random, spontaneous nights out because I don’t have any commitments the next day, so why not? I’m an adult now. And it sucks. Someone please explain how tax works!!!

So obviously, since we were in student digs, we had to move into a proper place. I want to quickly highlight some events that made Harland Shake particularly peng:

  • Christmas Parties including roast dinners, Mariah Carey and personalised gingerbread men.
  • A Communism birthday party, created ironically as Grant despises Communism.
  • Managing to fit upwards of 25 people in the most awkward living room / kitchen arrangement in existence.
  • Dressing up as Gangsta’s for Halloween and doing extremely bad New York accents with blow up guns.

img_3140Yes, its fair to say that we had more than our fair share of fun here. But it wasn’t just a place for parties (shock, I know, sometimes Students don’t drink… and that’s because we’re sleeping instead!). Though arguments have been heated, Harland has always been a place for us, and many others, to call Home. It was a place where friends could stay when they’ve had a bad day, a place for people to escape from their families, or flatmates, or from whatever troubles they were facing. All I can ask is that the new place will be the exact same.

So, where are we moving to? Somewhere that has the biggest kitchen you’ve ever seen and we love it. Somewhere with a garden. A garden! Please prepare yourselves for cute, aesthetic pictures of novelty gnomes and plants. It’s a place in which we can start our new lives as adults.

I’m so excited for this new journey into the world. I mean, nobody’s particularly sold it to me, as everyone’s always stressed about their jobs, or money, or the taxman, or someone they work with… but I’m excited to join in the stress, I guess? Let’s go with that.img_3127

I started my first full time job a couple of months ago. Yes, I was quick out of the gates to grab one, but I’m basing that on a mix of luck and desperation. So far, I’m surprisingly enjoying myself. I work with some amazing people (I know some of them read this so I kinda have to say that, don’t I? Just kidding, Lynette, I love you.) and I genuinely feel like I’m helping people every single day. Yeah, it’s a bit stressful, but if I wasn’t stressed, would I even be working?

It’s the first time I’ve ever had a job that has weekends off all the time. Wow, is this a luxury or what?! I don’t think I ever want to work another weekend again! I have so much time to focus on my writing (like this!), my pals and my family. And what’s even better is that I’ve started doing the “late” shift which means I get to have a lie in every day. True bliss. Honestly.

We’ve gradually packed our bedroom up this week and it looks so alien to me. I’m going to miss this crazily shaped room with a sort-of walk-in-wardrobe that is primarily used to store boxes and not actually a wardrobe. And my one shelf – yes, just one – to put stuff on, even though I could’ve really done with maybe two or three. I’m not really selling this house to you, am I?

img_3126 Before I continue, I want to thank everyone who will be helping us move. Hopefully, a couple of you will be reading this. Your help is so precious to us. We would really be stranded without each and every one of you …and your cars. No, seriously, we really appreciate everything that you’ll be doing for us. We hope we don’t stress you out too much, but this has been a long time coming and a lot of stressful reorganising, too. And Mum, please don’t shout as us if the new house isn’t spotless when we get there!

So this is it. Goodbye Harland Road. Goodbye Student Life. Goodbye disgusting street that is constantly littered on, and filled with drunk students (ironic) that keep Jacob awake. Goodbye neighbours that steal our stuff.

Hello opportunity. Hello Adult Life. Hello Stress City. Hello calmer road, not filled with students. Hello happiness. Hello optimism. Hello future.

Speak to you all next week,

Emily x


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